September 2023

YouTube Alternatives For Marketing by Tom “theToolman”

June 9th, 2023

Hi Tom theToolman CEO here,

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Internet marketing can take on many different forms, and video marketing is one of the most popular. After all, the internet allows for a multi-media experience, and people like watching videos. However, YouTube has recently started to remove marketing videos from its site, so there is a need for YouTube alternatives for marketing.

There is no question that YouTube is the most popular video sharing site online, and will likely remain at the top for a long time to come. What this means is that you should still make use of YouTube if at all possible, but you need to make sure you go about it the right way. The key is to avoid any overt marketing in your videos. This includes the content of the video as well as the information you add when you upload your videos. If you do it right you will be able to keep your videos on YouTube, but it’s still smart to have a few alternatives ready to go if your account gets shut down.

Brightcove does things a little differently because it allows you to basically create your own online TV station. It’s easy to do and you can add your own videos as well as videos created by other people. The cool part is that it’s syndicated with other popular video sites on the internet. The ability to earn additional income through ad revenue or video sales is just the icing on the cake.

Dailymotion is one of the best known YouTube alternatives for marketing, and it has a lot to offer those who have an online business presence. You can easily upload videos, but there is more to it than that. There is also a B2B (business-to-business) feature called the Dailymotion Cloud that helps you to use video for your marketing purposes. The player can be customized for your users, and it allows your videos to be viewed on a variety of platforms.

Revver is another of the YouTube alternatives that gives you the chance to earn revenue from videos. Now, if you are simply uploading a video, then Revver will choose an ad to be attached to it, and you share the revenue that it generates. However, as a business owner, you can also pay to have your ad shown on videos which can bring in new business.

If you are looking for YouTube alternatives for marketing you don’t have to rely on video-only websites. In fact, just about any site that supports videos can be used for marketing purposes, though you may have to use your own bandwidth to host your videos. Social networking sites are some of the best alternatives because people use them to share things with each other, and if they’re sharing your video, then that means your marketing message is spreading.


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Tom theToolman CEO
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Your Small Business Internet Marketing Techniques by Tom “theToolman”

June 8th, 2023

Small business internet marketing techniques consist of more than just simple advertising. There may have been a time, in the early days of the net, when any online ad could bring in new customers and generate profits. The internet has matured over the years and nor the placement of basic ads isn’t enough to qualify as a marketing campaign.

For the sake of our discussion we will say advertising is a more passive activity and marketing is more active. When you place an ad it just sits there doing its job (hopefully), but marketing is about getting people to see those ads. To be clear, marketing encompasses more than getting people to view your advertising. Marketing is everything you do to promote your business. Of course advertising is a vital part of any full-fledged campaign, but it is only one part.

When it comes to small business internet marketing techniques, very few of them are passive. A common online marketing technique is SEO (search engine optimization). This takes time to set up, but it also needs to be kept up to date on a regular basis. When you add any new content to your site, you are affecting its SEO in one way or another. Search engines tend to favor fresh content, so adding to it is a smart move from a marketing standpoint.

Static advertising like pay-per-click and banner ads usually require a large outlay of money before they return any noticeable results. That doesn’t mean you should rule them out, but it does mean that you have to be careful of anything that promises to "put your advertising on autopilot." Generally speaking, the more dynamic marketing techniques are the ones that will give you the most return for your efforts.

One of the best methods of internet marketing is building an opt-in mailing list. The way it works is that you get people to share their e-mail address with you, and then you can market to them as often as you wish (within reason). It’s as easy as giving them a reason to enter their e-mail address. You can do this by offering special deals, exclusive information or a free gift of some kind. How you do it isn’t all that important; what is important is building a list.

They say it takes seven to twelve exposures to your message before people will take action. It’s too risky to assume people will come back to you website that many times to see your offer. But once they are on your e-mail list, you will be able to keep sending them messages. This can be incredibly effective when it’s done correctly. Every message you send needs to have value. Whether you are providing information or selling something, it has to be of value to the person reading it. The best part is that they will continue to receive your messages until they unsubscribe or you stop sending them (hint: don’t stop sending messages). Either way, having an e-mail list is one of the most essential small business internet marketing techniques.


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Tom theToolman CEO
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Your Advertising Business Internet Marketing Plan Is The Answer To Sucess by Tom “theToolman”

June 7th, 2023

One of the built-in benefits of running a business that involves helping other businesses promotional effort is the built-in testimonial of an advertising business internet marketing plan. When you take part in a business where advertising is a key service you provide, then the ability for your customers to find you and be swayed to employ you is a testament that you understand internet marketing and advertising. If this is the kind of business you’re looking to go into because you want to consult or handle promotions for other businesses, then don’t miss the opportunity to point out to potential customers that you grow your own business with the very techniques you want to provide for them.

While it’s inherent that an advertising business internet marketing plan must be successful if they do find clients, you must also bring this to the potential client’s attention. Of course you’ll want to have concrete results from other companies that you’ve helped promote products and services. But don’t neglect to use your own promotional techniques and results as tools to market your own business. While your knowledge of advertising business internet marketing techniques maybe be clear since you’re earning their business, it might consciously occur to them so be sure and point it out.

Advertising business internet marketing has the benefit that many other online businesses don’t have–built-in testimonial information from within their very own business! Take screen shots of your search engine rankings on various searches and use those. Describe your own company’s efforts towards promotion and the results. Reiterate the ways in which customers find you—when you mention the manner in which that particular client found your advertising business internet marketing campaign, they’ll be impressed—and stress that you can do for them what you’ve done for your own company.

An advertising business internet marketing strategy of this sort is especially key for a new business with no other clients to give testimonials and no other sites on which to show real results. In a case like this, it’s not going to be easy to convince a potential client to sign on, since there’s no real evidence that you can do what you claim as far as their promotional efforts go. But if you show your marketing efforts and the good results, you do have evidence for them to see.

While it might not be as compelling evidence as another site with concrete results, it will still show potential clients that you do know how to market a business online, and you do know how to implement a promotional plan. For someone starting out in an advertising business that focuses on internet marketing, in order to get some evidence beyond your own website, create one or two websites based on varied interests. They don’t have to be businesses, just general information. Use all your promotional skills in tweaking the site and the methods of marketing you use for it. Then your advertising business internet marketing skills will have more good results to show potential clients.


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Tom theToolman CEO
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Xhtml And Css Tutorial by Tom “theToolman”

June 6th, 2023

Xhtml, or extensible hypertext markup language, is a revision of the standard HTML programming language. XHTML is now the preferred method for building a website in part because of it’s browser compatibility. Here is a brief xhtml and css tutorial.

CSS or cascading style sheets is another programming language that can be used in conjunction with HTML. Adding CSS elements to your website gives you the ability to easily add features and elements on just one page at a time or in just one section of a page.

You can customize the pages in your website one at a time or one group can have consistent elements while another group of pages may have their own unique attributes. It’s all up to the programmer and that is why using CSS is such a popular idea, despite the learning curve.

XHTML was developed largely out of necessity and is now the preferred programming code to use. It was developed by the W3C as a transition from HTML to the more browser friendly XHMTL and is now the official standard of the web.

When the web was just starting out there were only a few web browsers, today there are many more options and it is important to make sure that no matter what browser the user prefers they will be able to view the page the way they were intended to see it.

To find quality a xhtml and css tutorial your best bet is to start right online. You can do a search using the keywords "XHTML Tutorial" "CSS Tutorial", etc. You will no doubt find many sites that have such features.

From that point on it’s is just a matter of finding the particular tutorial that will teach you the skills at your level.

If you are an absolute beginner than that is where you will start. If you are somewhat more advanced you can probably find a tutorial that will teach you a particular aspect of CSS or XHTML.

Most sites will charge a fee, but it is usually a fairly small fee ( and it is often less expensive than it would be to go to your local community college and take a class).

In addition, you can go through an online class at your own pace. If you are in a hurry than you can go through more than one less in a day or week. It’s up to you.

You will also need a basic idea of computing skills. Simple things like cut and paste. You can use the Notepad file that comes standard on most PC’s or you can use the TextEdit feature. It’s up to you just make sure you have one or the other ready to go before you start.

Expanding your knowledge and learning more about the various elements that you can use to create a top notch website is as close as finding a xhtml and css tutorial. There are a lot of resources online. Just find the one that you like and that meets your needs and dive right in!


Working together for a better tomorrow
Tom theToolman CEO
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WordPress Membership Site Plugins Not Just For Bloggers by Tom “theToolman”

June 5th, 2023

WordPress Membership Site Plugins-Not Just For Bloggers

There is no doubt that WordPress (also known as WP) is now one of the most widely used website platforms being used today. One way a lot of website owners use it is to run membership sites. That makes a lot of sense because membership sites are a business model known to bring in a lot of revenue. If this idea interests you, then getting some WordPress membership site plugins is a must.

A lot of people are under the misguided idea that WP should only be used for blogging, or maybe a content site. The truth of the matter is that WordPress can do a whole lot more. With all of the themes and plugins available, and programmers who understand the platform, WP offers more than enough flexibility for the vast majority of webmasters.

Choosing the right WordPress membership site plugins could make all the difference between failure and success. Here are some things to consider before installing any plugins.

1. Type of membership – Do you plan on only offering one basic level of membership, at one price for the life of your site? Or do you want to have the ability to handle multiple membership levels and offer specials so you can make even more money? Will members pay on a monthly basis, or only once? All of these things will play a part in deciding which plugins are best for you.

2. RSS – If you have an RSS feed, then you need to be able to encrypt information that’s intended for members only. Otherwise, anybody who comes to your site could potentially view your paid content for free. That could add up to a huge loss of income, so getting a plugin to encrypt your feeds makes a lot of sense.

3. Teasers – This type of plugin takes the first few lines of your post (some allow you to set how many) and puts it up for all to see. Then, if somebody wants to read more, they click a link to do so. Normally, this would simply take readers to the full post, but you can first divert them to sign up for a membership before they read the rest. That’s one example of what WordPress membership site plugins can do.

4. Delivery control – Some memberships give out new content every month, but only want new members to view the current month’s content. Or, they may want all members to start with the same content and have it delivered in order; regardless of when they joined. The idea behind this is that long-time members should be the ones with access to the most content. Plus, if new members could see all of the content at once, they could spend one day accessing all of it, and then cancel their subscription right away.

5. Collecting payments – There are several WordPress membership site plugins that make it easy for you to collect membership dues from people. That’s important if you plan on making a serious income.


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Tom theToolman CEO
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WordPress Marketing Explained Used By Growing Numbers by Tom “theToolman”

June 4th, 2023

WordPress Marketing Explained-Used By Growing Numbers

One of the best things you can use for the success of your online business is WordPress marketing. WordPress got its start in 2003, and was used mainly by bloggers. Since that time it has become one of the most popular tools for building a website. Sure, bloggers still use it, but so do a growing number of website owners.

WordPress has changed internet marketing by making it easier for people to quickly set up websites. The WordPress platform is free and easy to install. You don’t need to know any coding to be able to use it, though some knowledge of CSS will allow you to make alterations to your site. However, there are so many themes (website designs) and plugins (add-ons that do different things) for WordPress that you may not ever need to go into the CSS anyway.

One of the main reasons for the success of WordPress is that it is open source. This means anyone can access the source code and develop products for WordPress. So, instead of just relying on the WordPress development team to figure out what users want, the users themselves can decide, and then create the themes and plugins that fit their needs.

The flexibility of WordPress marketing makes it an easy choice for setting up a website. Just about anything you need for marketing purposes can be added on to the basic installation. Plugins are easy to find, and easy to install. Once installed you need to activate them, but most plugins only require you to click a button for activation. There are some that require you to get an activation key, but this is also a simple process.

Even though it’s open source, not all themes and plugins are free. There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to make something for all of the time and effort they put in to creating a good product, so don’t assume everything will be free. Of course, being in business you understand that no money is made until something is sold. And, just as you would like people to send you money if you provide something of value to them; so too should you be willing to make a small investment for something of value to you.

There are a few basic types of plugins you should have for WordPress marketing. The most important is getting a security plugin. Unfortunately, because WordPress is so popular, it makes sites using it a popular target for hackers. The good news is that there are plenty of plugins that cut off the typical exploits used by hackers. Search engine optimization (SEO) plugins are also a good idea as they will help your site look more attractive to the search engines; and thereby–in theory–increase your rankings when people are searching. The other type of plugins you will want to look into are those designed for e-commerce. Simply put, these are plugins that make it easier for you to sell whatever it is that you’re offering.


Working together for a better tomorrow
Tom theToolman CEO
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WordPress Marketing Other Wise Known As WP by Tom “theToolman”

June 3rd, 2023

WordPress Marketing-Other Wise Known As WP

It used to be you had to know how to write code if you wanted to make a website. Eventually WYSIWYG editors came along to make things much easier, but knowing some code was necessary for all by the simplest sites. Now WordPress (commonly abbreviated as WP) has come along and changed the playing field. Those who want to run a business online refer to it as WordPress marketing, however, this is a bit of a misnomer unless they are actually working to promote WordPress itself. But for the sake of simplicity, when we use that term we will be using it in the more popular sense.

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, and many people still use it that way. There are also a lot of people, especially marketers, who use WP as the foundation for a website that sells things. There are also hybrid sites that combine the best of both worlds. They sort of look like blogs, but they are also set up to make money.

WordPress marketing has a lot to do with setting up your site properly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the things that is easy to do with WP. There are several plugins available that can further boost your SEO results. These make your WordPress pages more friendly to the search engines and will raise you in the rankings if you use them properly.

You still need to do many of the same things you would have to do on any webpage. You need to have content that draws people in, and attracts the right kind of attention from the search engines. Links play a big part in SEO; this includes external and internal links. External links are those that are placed on another site. You could actually set up many free WordPress sites and work in links back to your main page. This is a WordPress marketing strategy that many people use successfully.

Internal links work in a different way. These are the links on your site that link to other part of your site (either the same page, or other pages). This linking structure makes a huge difference, and knowing how to set it all up can get a bit confusing. You need to make sure you have a separate page for each piece of keyword-targeted content, and every page should have links to your main pages, as well as any other pages you’re trying to rank for.

If all of that sounds confusing, that’s because it is…or at least it was when you had to hand code everything. You would have to chart everything out and hope you got it right. No need to worry though, there are WP plugins that make most of this virtually automatic. You may have to do set some initial settings and make sure you upgrade as needed, but that’s about it. With all it has going for it, it’s no surprise that more and more savvy website owners are choosing WordPress marketing as a major part of their business.


Working together for a better tomorrow
Tom theToolman CEO
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With Internet Marketing Earn Extra Income Or All Your Income by Tom “theToolman”

June 2nd, 2023

With Internet Marketing- Earn Extra Income Or All Your Income

Thousands of people are turning to the internet in search of a good and reliable way to make more money. Starting your own internet business with internet marketing is one of the best ways you can make money. It is reliable and relatively easy, even if it is time consuming.

Despite being such a great method for making money, very few people actually succeed in their endeavor. You may be wondering why that is, if it is supposedly so good. Well the problem is they buy into false hype. They go in thinking they will become rich overnight, but that will not happen.

You have to remember that just because it is on the internet does not make it any less of a business. You still need to apply yourself and dedicate enough time and effort towards it in order for it to grow. If you just prod it with a stick it will never grow to give you the money you want.

While your internet business can and very likely will make you money, this will only happen if you treat it properly. You have to put in time every day to build it up and you will likely not see any results for several months. This is what discourages people and causes them to quit and give up.

With internet marketing you can make your website a huge success, but only if you give it the time of day and actually work at it. This leads me into the second reason why so few people succeed.

Distractions. They get distracted, plain and simple. Even if they decide to sit down and get to work, they get distracted. Whether it is the family or friends or even work. Or maybe they simply get sidetracked. Regardless of the reason this interferes with their ability to actually get the work done.

So they get distracted and do not do any real serious work, and when it fails they wonder why, telling themselves they have been working at it. Unfortunately it is not that easy. You have to consistently work at it, and do quality work. Again it is a real business, only doing a little bit here and there will not cut it.

What you can do to avoid this is to make yourself a schedule. Set up a time that you can work, even if it is just an hour or two a day. Set that time aside and just work when it is time. Tell your family or friends not to bother you during that time.

Even if you are leading a busy life and might not necessarily have the time to mess around with internet marketing, that is fine. Even if you work just an hour a day, as long as you make the most out of that time and get as much done as possible, it can still work out.

Working online can give you the money you want, but only if you are willing to put in the work to get it. Nothing is free, and in this case you are paying for it with your time.


Working together for a better tomorrow
Tom theToolman CEO
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Why Network Security by Tom “theToolman”

June 1st, 2023

You, or your company, need to be very aware of network security. There are more and more risks online and if you aren’t proactive you may just end up having your system hacked. So, if you are asking, why network security, I have the answers to you.

There are so many things that can be compromised on the average home computer. Credit card information, bank accounts, personal data, etc. You just can’t risk a thief getting their hands on such personal data.

Here are a few things you need to be aware of when deciding why you need to make sure your network is secure and that you are always keeping up with all the new threats.

These tips can help you keep your home network, as well as your office network, secure:

1. Your first line of defense in many cases is your password. This is a bigger issue when you are concerned with keeping a companies network safe since you will be hiring new employees and letting old ones go.

The last thing you want is the person you fired last week gaining access to your system and creating issues. Implement a procedure to make sure that all passwords are changed when someone is let go.

For home, make sure you remember your passwords and if you have to write them down, write them down and put them in a safe place. It might be best to not write down the actual password but write down a clue instead.

For example, if your password is the date of your first haircut, instead of just writing it out, you could write down the clue: first haircut.

2. Another thing you should do is to continually monitor all your security software. This software should be updated frequently as new threats are showing up all the time. Make sure all your anti-virus and anti- spyware software is updated as often as possible.

If you are concerned with your household network, make sure that you run your anti virus program often. You can set them up to run at a certain time everyday (or night) which is the best way to go.

Many of us might forget to run it as often as we should if not for the automatic scans.

3. If you use a wireless network make sure it is a secured network. You can set it up so that only people who know the password can access the network.

It only takes a few minutes to do this and the customer service department for most brands of routers can walk you through this process.

Really, making sure your home and /or work network is safe is not that hard, but it is also not something that you want to ignore.

Don’t let intimidation or a lack of time keep you from protecting yourself. There are some people out there who will gladly take advantage of you if you do.

So,if you want to know why network security, the real question you should be asking yourself is "am I doing all I can?"


Working together for a better tomorrow
Tom theToolman CEO
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Why Internet Marketing by Tom “theToolman”

May 31st, 2023

Why internet marketing? Why not? There has never been a time when it has been so easy for the average person to start a business. With an internet marketing business you do not need much money, you can learn all the skills you need and you can make a virtually unlimited income. Instead of asking why internet marketing, you should be asking, what am I waiting for?

Now, here is the catch you may have expected, many people will ask why more people are not successful at internet marketing if it is so easy, and the answer to that is that it is not that easy. I know, it sounds like I am contradicting myself, but I am really not. You see starting a business online is cheaper, easier and quicker than it would be if you tried to open a business off line.

There are so many free or low cost resources you can use online. Every form of business online is less expensive than it would be offline. But, that does not mean it won’t take some time, work, or money, it just won’t take as much.

Most people fall for the hype of some magical push button, do it all for you software or system. FYI, there is no such thing. There are many ways you can automate or outsource aspects of your business but there is no magic Genie that will do it all for you.

You have to be willing to invest time to learn some basic skills before you can expect to make any money. Then you have to be willing to invest some time to put those skills to work on a consistant basis. Don’t forget, you are building a business here. Rome wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t built in a day.

Once you have some money coming in you should reinvest that money into your business so you can scale your business up. Your first few months you will either not make anything at all or will only make a few hundred dollars. In most cases, it won’t be what you might call life altering money.

But, if you put that money back into your business, either to hire people to do some of the work for you so more can get done in the same amount of time, or to invest in some software or services to do some aspects of your business, you will really start to see some big results in the next couple of months.

Realistically, you may be able to achieve enough income in about 3 – 6 months, on average, to replace your full time income. From that point on it simply becomes a "rinse and repeat" type of process. Just keep doing this until you are making all the money you want to be making and until you are working only the amount of time you want to work.

Not only can you conceivably build your business as big as you want, you can also build it in such a way that you don’t even have to spend many hours working on it every week. Passive income online is very, very realistic but only if you are willing to work on it in the beginning until your business is actually generating some income and you can automate and/or outsource some aspects of it.

So, if you are still wondering "Why internet marketing" you should really be asking how soon can I start?


Working together for a better tomorrow
Tom theToolman CEO
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